You should note how many times you look into your mirrors of the car when you drive. You should always keep a track of how many times you look into the rear view or side view mirrors each time you drive your car. To your surprise you will learn that mirrors are the most used parts of the motor vehicle. They are very important parts of a vehicle and the most used one also. Rare view and side view Shoes Accessories works like extra sets of eyes for the drivers. It provides the maximum visibility for a range of driving activity. Mirrors are safety factor a car. Rare view and side view mirrors are the important element of a car which helps the driver. When it comes to safety of the car the rare view and side view mirrors helps the Luggage Locks drivers in there work. There are few factors in which this mirror helps there driver for an easy travel and they can keep an all side view in traffic, to see people or any object around behind the vehicle while backing up. While parking the car parallel it helps us to avoid hitting adjacent cars. And last you can make quickly decision regarding traffic rules like changing lanes or passing vehicles, or while entering or getting out of the high ways. All this are small but important traffic discussion to be taken in which mirrors helps a lot. Car mirrors have now evolved into much more then just a rare view or a side view mirrors. They are well updated with technology and cars are becoming smarter these days. They are evolved with all major modern equipments. They are few which could be listed there are , mirrors which are self adjusted with the drivers , there are different types of mirror which helps like the dimming rear view mirror which helps the driver by reducing the night time headlight glare. There are mirrors which show the temperature or compass for your long traveling. Another mirror called the towing mirror helps the driver to boost the visibility for towing boats or any other objects behind the car. It also helps us to see the directional signals that appear on the side view mirrors. Rear view and side view mirrors are very important. They should not be left un-repaired, it could be little troublesome after a major accident of a vehicle it is very important to have a visit to the replacement specialist. The mirrors should be checked, inspected and also repaired on time by Wholesale Blind Spot Mirrors Rear View Mirrors an auto glass or a mirror replacement specialist. A visit to auto glass repair will put your vehicle in tack again. They will make sure that there cars are installed with the right type of glass correctly and precisely too. There see to it that right mirrors are paired with right types of vehicle. All cars makers are not the same. Therefore only a high quality and a reputed car repair service will know the right kind of mirrors paired with right vehicle. They will know which type of rare view and side view mirrors are to be provided for which car. Driving blind is a big mistake. Therefore make sure you use your rare view and side view mirrors. You should make sure of the mirrors you used in your vehicle; they should be of high standards. There installation and inspection should be done regularly only with certified and authorized car mirror or auto glass professionals. They should be well experienced and should know the ins and outs of the mirror. It is a safe decision for a driver to take.
If you have got tired of the hectic city life, what about owning a piece of land in the countryside? Putting your money in hunting land in Missouri is worthwhile as it is sure to get you manifold returns.If you were an enthusiastic nature lover and adventurer, this is a thought which often turns up in your mind. You dream to own a piece of property in a location that harnesses nature and is free from the hustle and bustle of the cities. If this is the case, you'll love the idea of buying ranch land in Missouri. Wherever in the verdant ranches of Missouri, you'll feel yourselves under the bliss of nature.Missouri is one of the hidden Jewelry Accs gems of the United States, located in the mid-western part of the country. Land in Missouri offers captivating scenic vistas and a wide range of activities such as hunting, fishing, swimming, camping, rafting, horseback riding and more. There are large tracts of ranch land available in Missouri including the likes of Antler Ridge, Barnes Hollow and Whispering Oaks Ranch. All Missouri ranches offer excellent investment opportunity and have their own unique characteristics. Blessed by verdant 3D Puzzles Models landscape, bubbling waterfalls and plentiful wildlife, Missouri ranches beckon anyone who intends to reside amidst nature. Yearning among Americans regarding The appeal increases the value of the real estate in Missouri. The opportunity Apple iPad Accessories of buying land at low cost and later leveraging it to make substantial profits with tourism business is quite attractive for the investors as well. The idea of passing some delightful time in the lap of nature is exciting for property owners along with the tourists. Missouri takes care of both the segments vacation seekers as well as investors. It offers people an opportunity to own land in Missouri countryside, who want to build a vacation home for themselves, where they could relax during weekends or holidays. There are several advantages of owning undeveloped hunting land in a state like Missouri. Even if you live in a town, it provides you an opportunity to enjoy weekends in your own vacation home, providing you respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can go for a vacation any time without any hassle of booking an accommodation there or contacting a tour operator. You can visit the place at your will, and for as long as you want. The sense of owning a ranch land is delightful in itself. And, with the investment point of view, putting money in a ranch land is a smart way to invest. It all depends on you, whether you want to keep it as a retirement home, vacation home or treat it just as an investment. While finalizing a deal for purchasing land in Missouri countryside, never take a hasty decision. Seek all the details of the land you are interested in and make a thorough analysis of the investment. Ask the property owner to provide information regarding transportation, electricity, water supply etc. as it is important while purchasing any property. Weigh all the advantages and disadvantages while taking a decision. Look at the investment from the specific point of view if you have one. For instance, if you plan to sell the land after keeping it for a couple of years, make a realistic estimate of the price increment. Do a thorough research before taking any decision regarding Missouri hunting land for sale.
Occupational health and safety jobs still have a huge part to play in improving the health and wellbeing of many European Wholesale Security Cable workers.Health and safety vacancies are still playing pivotal roles in identifying problems that could affect the health and safety of employees in the workplace. Those employed in occupational health and safety jobs have a duty to identify issues and factors that may be affecting the health and wellbeing of those in the workplace. They then need to consider how these issues should be tackled to ensure the best possible outcome for all involved. Wholesale Bluetooth Device The European Trade Union website has recently published an article which states that almost a quarter of all workers in Europe have seen their health and emotional wellbeing affected by the workplace. According to a report carried out by the European Working Conditions Survey in countries across Europe, a quarter of all those surveyed said their work was affecting their health. This is the fifth survey of its kind and Nail Polish the results were presented at the end of November by the director and research staff of the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound).The survey

Philadelphia, PA February 02, 2011 - Educators inPhilanthropy now offers a special, novel approach Nail Polish by training volunteers alongwith professional staff. A low-cost course in nonprofit fundraising forvolunteer fundraisers, as well as individuals new to nonprofit Wholesale Keychain development,experienced professionals who want to broaden their skills, and people seekinga career change. "Volunteers are extremely important in fundraising today," saidRobert Wombwell, a faculty member and leader of Educators in Philanthropy,"especially given the focus at many nonprofits on reducing personnelexpenses. We are pleased to be able to offer an affordable course infundraising to help dedicated volunteers, as Wholesale well as professional fundraisers,to raise Womens G-string the funds necessary to accomplish the important work of theircharities in our region."The course, "Introduction to Fundraising," covers the basics ofannual giving, direct mail, special events, corporate giving, foundationgrants, volunteers and boards, major and planned gifts, donor relations,ethics, strategic planning, and other topics. Participants who complete theprogram


Do you write? Can you string together words and sentences �C like this? Would you like to make a few extra bucks (maybe more��) without the hassles of a traditional job? You would? Then welcome to the wonderful world of freelance writing on Elance.

-- What is Elance?

Elance is a website forum, a marketplace that allows people from all over the world to actively participate in buying and selling their products and services. As a freelance writer you can offer your writing services with very little effort on your part. If you can surf the web, use email and generally communicate in English (yup, it��s the principal language used on Elance) then you are pretty much good to go.

-- How Does It Work?

It��s quite simple; Elance is a subscription based website that charges you a small fee to become a member. At the time of writing basic monthly subscriptions begin at $30. Once you��re registered you can browse all the active (open) projects and bid on the ones that interest you. As a member you can even set up a personal store front (profile) and showcase your products and services to potential buyers (and it��s not unusual to get direct enquiries from buyers this way.)

-- If Your Bid Is Chosen

If your bid is selected you will get the chance to decide if you want to proceed with the project or not. If you decide to go ahead then watch repair you and the buyer enter into an agreement (Elance provides templates and samples at no charge.) You provide the services to the buyer and the buyer pays you what they promised �C simple.

Elance gets a small commission on all projects that are awarded. But don��t worry, there is no cost to you for winning projects �C that��s the buyers responsibility and the buyer will be billed directly (it doesn��t even come out of the agreed project payments!)

-- So How Much Work Is Available To You?

That��s a good question; after all if you are going to spend at least $30 a month on a basic subscription, you really need to figure out if the subscription is worth it. The number of open projects varies, however it��s not unusual to find between 150 and 200 writing projects available at any given time.

-- And How Much Are These Projects Worth?

There are currently two types of project postings on Elance: BASIC and SELECT. If you have only chosen a basic membership then you can only bid on Basic projects. You will need a Select membership to bid on the select projects.

And the reason you would buy a select membership is simple �C select projects pay more, are less likely to end without being awarded (yes there are people on Elance who post projects to ��get a feel for the market�� and have no intention of actually awarding the project!)

So back to the main question �C how much are the projects really worth? Again, this data varies over time (I cover this and more in my new report on, however here��s a quick ��rule of thumb�� that I��ve found to be fairly accurate: If you multiply all the number of open projects by $250 and multiply that again by 70% you will get a fairly good idea. For example, 200 open projects X $250 X 70% = $35,000

-- But What About the ��Big�� Projects?

There are big projects on Elance, they get posted infrequently but they are available. As you might imagine these projects are usually posted by companies �C not people �C and they usually pay 5 to 10 times what a regular project pays. With this kind of payout you can imagine the competition is quite high, however pitching to a business is not the same as pitching to a person.

-- What About Gotchas And Other Issues?

There aren��t too many. The biggest one that springs to mind is that Elance currently does not offer a refund policy on their subscriptions. You actually have to get on board and sign up to get a feel for the Elance market. And to be quite frank, you really need to give yourself a fighting chance and sign up for three months.

If you signed up for a three month Select membership you would currently pay $150 USD. That��s not a huge amount of money, but it is a bit steep if you find out that Elance is not for you.

-- Here Are a Few Elance Quick Facts:

*100,000+ potential buyers visit Elance Online every week * Web's #1 consulting site and top 1,000 most visited site *Awarded Best of the Web by Forbes (2003) *Reliability Certified by the Better Business Bureau

-- And Here Are a Few Neat Benefits of Using Elance:

*Easily market yourself to a global pool of prospective clients. *Pitch your services at prices you establish.*Make a profit as an independent consultant.

It��s true, thousands of service firms and individuals take advantage of Elance as a marketing channel. And Elance actively supports your efforts with aggressive online and offline marketing delivering high volumes of traffic.

-- Remember, You Can Win Work 3 Different Ways:

(1)Answer the phone after people check out your online profile and work samples. (2)Develop pre-priced ��buy now�� packages that buyers can purchase instantly. (3)Bid on projects �C many buyers post their requirements directly online.

-- Conclusions

Before you dive into Elance you might want to do some digging on the Internet to get a feel for what others have experienced. For instance you might want to find out more about the bid success ratios, the real differences between Basic and Select projects, how many projects will pay you more than $1,500 and so forth.

You can make money on Elance if you know what you are doing, and quite frankly all it takes is a little time and patience. Good luck, and happy bidding!

About the Author: James Burchill ( is a freelance writer and consultant. If he��s not ��Helping People Sell More Stuff, And Make More Money�� he��s creating and publishing new and valuable information products �C his newest is is a surprising new report that uncovers the key metrics to buying and selling 'Writing and Translation' services on Elance. Now you too can see how these little known, yet critical factors will affect your ability to profit using the Internet's premiere service marketplace.

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File storage has come a long way from the old-school local storage spaces to Naruto Cosplay new technically intelligent online storage systems available at many portals over the net today. But even today, file storage, especially online file storage spaces are priced at an optimum. Free online storage is also available, but the quality and reliability of such portals still has an interrogation mark looming over it. But however, stands as an exception. With an offer of 1GB online file storage space provided free, and more at comparatively lower prices, is the one to revert to while looking for online storage and free file hosting services. The need for sharing data with friends and associates has become even easier with��s online file hosting services. Uploads of documents, files including pictures, videos and music is only a click away, and with the huge file storage space available, one need not worry about the bulging size of the documents folder or the really long mp3 track you want your friends to listen to. For instance, if you wish to work from a remote place through online access on your project that exceeds 5mb in size (the maximum size of mail attachments), you can use the free 1GB online storage space of Stash the workload into the free file storage space available, and login from that remote computer to access that huge workload and finish them in time! Another great feature is the online dropbox facility at With all the hassles in FTP setup and other issues faced during uploading of files, it is easier to just ��drop�� or upload files directly in your account inbox, using the online drop box facility. And this facility can be used and capitalized on by associates and friends worldwide, from any remote place with a internet connection! This feature is especially helpful for online schooling services and other companies that require quick and secure file transfers and file hosting services. Security, which is such a major concern with such online file storage and file hosting sites, is state-of-the-art at While transacting with the site or availing of any of its services, the user is directed into an exclusive ��tunnel��, and hence the whole transaction process is sealed off against any external interference or security violations. Apart from free accounts (1GB) and other individual accounts, company accounts are also available with all employees working under the company having access to the account. Online storage spaces as vast as 99GB are also available at a minimal price of $39.99! With such stupendous features available online, is purported to become one of the most used and most popular file storage and online file hosting sites over the net in a short span of time. And if you are a student or a small-scale project employee thinking of the perfect secure free online file storage space, is the ideal solution for you �C in terms of security, flexibility as well as from the perspective of your budget!Quinton Pike is the author of this article. The need for sharing data with friends and associates has become even easier with��s online file hosting services. For more details visit -


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It��s now almost two years since I started dabbling on the internet, trying to make money online. At that time it was a bit of an experiment, kind of like a hobby - something that I did partly for the enjoyment and partly in the hope that I would make enough money to leave my day job.

Now, 20 months later my hobby has turned in to a business and it is generating enough income from for me to happily go part time at work.

Should I decide to do this I��ll be taking the huge step from working on my business in my spare time to earn some extra money, to working half the week for myself. I will then be depending on the money from my own business to pay my mortgage and bills.

If I manage to achieve the same success working from home during the day as I have over the last year working a few hours here and there in my spare time I��ll be well on my way to becoming a full time home business entrepreneur.

I know this sounds fantastic, but what if something goes wrong? If I eventually work full time for myself I��ll be giving up a regular full time salary, not to mention company pension, sick pay and bonuses. For this reason I decided to ask myself a few questions. I��ve put together a list of 5 questions that you need to ask yourself before you leave your day job

1.Do you have a financial cushion? Before you give up your full time or part time job, make sure you have some money in the bank in case something goes wrong. Preferably you should make sure that you have no credit card debts or loans and have at least 3 months salary in the bank just to allow you to get back on your feet if the worst happens.

2.Are you making enough money? Sounds obvious, but remember to add up your current outgoings to see if your online income will cover everything. Remember to take into account tax payments and allow for the fact that you��ll no longer receive paid holidays, health insurance, sick pay and a company pension. If you have a big purchase coming up in the near future, such as a new house, you may want to postpone your full time online career until you��ve secured your mortgage.

3.Are your income streams diverse enough? Are you making all your money from one source? If you��re currently making all your money selling similar items on Ebay or earning an income from a small number of affiliate programs or making money from a single program such as Google Adsense, you could be putting yourself at risk. What if the market for the products you are selling disappears? The affiliate programs you are promoting shuts down? You need to take a close look at the sources of your income. Ideally your income should be coming from numerous sources e.g. selling your own products, promoting different affiliate programs, using multiple websites in different niches.

4.Do you have a business plan? Since you are considering taking such a big step you need to have a business plan. This should include a description of your company and the products and services you provide, the analysis of your market, strategy and implementation along with a financial plan.

5.How will you cope with working alone? If you enjoy working with other people every day, it��s likely that you may find the transition to working alone quite difficult. You should consider Nail Pen possible strategies to cope with this change. For example you may want to make sure that part of your business involves working with other people �C perhaps providing a service locally or consulting. Or you could fill the vacuum of not meeting people at work by joining a club or taking a part time training course. Making an effort to stay in touch and meet up with friends and former colleagues regularly will also help.

If you consider all these factors before quitting your day job, this should give you the best chance possible of becoming a successful full time internet marketer.

Suzanne Morrison is the webmaster of Internet Business Ideas Visit her site to claim your free Dotcomology ebook.

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You received an email from a friend a few months ago withdirections to an up-coming seminar. Now that email is buried under months of other email messages.

How do you find it?...

Well... You can scroll through all your previous emails looking for the message...

But there's an easier way for You!

Email 'clients' as they're called, or programs provide shortcuts to finding your important email. Each provides "Advanced Find" methods so you can search by subject, name, email address of the sender, or by any of your folders you've set up to store your important emails. (i.e. trash, sent, friends, family, keep, print ), air swimmers or even by date.

"Wait a minute, while I count my email folders... OK, I'm back!... Right Now I have 62 file folders for emails I want to keep for future reference. With all these folders it's hard to find any particular email."

Have you ever had this problem?... If you have... Hold on... Because, Help for You is right on your computer!

While in your email files, go to Edit or Tools. In one of them, depending on your email program you'll see one of the following:

Find Search Messages Find Messages Messages In This FolderAdvanced search.

It varies whether you're using Netscape, Eudora, or Outlook Express... and the version.

Click around until you find the "Search Window." It will pop up. You can search different email folders with different search parameters. It's a lot easier for you than looking through your hundreds or thousands of emails for something that's important to you.

Here's some examples of how to find previously sent or received email messages, using a variety of popular email software and platform configurations. Check Yours... It can be your 'Big Time Saver.' It's worth spending a little time discovering how this works.

Outlook Express 5.02 - Macintosh: Under the "Edit" menu, drop down to "Find", or "Advanced Find." Set up your search parameters for the email you want to find.

Netscape 7.0 for Windows and Macintosh: Under "Tools" on the Messenger menu bar, drop down to "Search." Pick "Search Messages" from the resulting submenu. A search window will open. Set up your search requirements for whatever you remember about the email you want to find.

Netscape 4.7 for Windows and Macintosh: Under "Edit" on the Messenger menu bar, drop down to and select "Search Messages." You'll see a search window open with pull down buttons so you can set the search parameters you want. You can keep adding more search buttons by clicking on '"More." If you know several things about the email you're looking for... You'll save your time and frustration.

Eudora 5.1.1 for Windows: Under "Edit" on the Eudora menu bar, drop down to "Find" and select "Find Messages" from the resulting submenu. Enter your search information.

Eudora 5.1.1 for Macintosh OS 9 and OS X: Under the "Special" menu, drop down to "Find" and select "Search" from the resulting submenu.

Apple's Mail program for Macintosh OS X: Under the "Edit" menu, drop down to "Find" and select "Find Messages" from the resulting submenu.

You may want to spend some time working with this... Because it can be Your Big Time Saver when you need to find your most important email.

Bill Parks... Computer Consultant, specializing in Filemaker Pro database design. Publisher of "Information Age Products Ezine" and "Bill's Business Boosters Ezine."

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You're about to discover something that I honestly believecan CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

This is a concept that drives my marketing. This conceptcontinues to make me a small fortune. Today I wantto share this concept with you.

"Crap can make you rich."

Don't laugh. Let me explain.

The beautiful thing about marketing online is that we can achieveRESULTS for anything LIGHTNING FAST.

We can put up some Google AdWords, drive some traffic, andstarting getting results in a matter of MINUTES.

I can essentially write a sales letter, include an opt-in form,and create a little infoproduct to sell, all in less than ONE HOURand have it getting results.

Okay, so the product may completely STINK. i.e. it's CRAP.The sales letter may be nothing but CRAP too. And even ifsomeone DOES order, they'll be getting that product whichis CRAP and most likely will request a refund. Heck, after all,I Motorcycle Goggles only spent an hour on the entire thing.

But none of that matters. The GOLD is not in the crap itself, thegold is in the RESULTS.

Everything in marketing has a "Cause and Effect" -- everything.

If you put up the WORST CRAP EVER right now on a web site,something WILL happen. And those results are what eventuallydrives a few hundred dollars a month in profit, and eventuallyproduces several thousand dollars a month, and can eventuallycreate a small fortune.

Okay, so maybe your conversion rate will initially be 1 out of 1,000.That's okay. With enough data that 1 out of 1,000 will becomea solid average and that site will CONSISTENTLY produce 1 saleout of 1,000 visitors.

Hey, welcome to a CRAP conversion rate. :-)

Hehe, but seriously...

The point is this. There is tremendous value in a 1 out of 1,000visitor conversion rate -- no matter what the price of the productis. No matter what the offer is. Why? Because it's GUARANTEEDthat you can IMPROVE upon it. You can make it better. YouCAN get MORE people to buy.

All you have to do is improve your marketing. Test small changes.Try a few little tweaks. Improve it little by little.

Get better and better RESULTS.

Here is something I want you to engrave deep into your brain...

You will NEVER, that's right, NEVER, launch a site or anymarketing that will be even 10% of "perfect". You're nevergoing to launch a site that starts pulling a 10% conversionratio, let alone 100%.

(And before you email me and tell me that a site youlaunched pulled a 10%+ conversion rate, I'm not talking aboutthe results of a strong endorsement someone did for you. I'mtalking about an AVERAGE conversion rate from ALL thetraffic sources you point at your site.)

So why are you spending SO MUCH TIME to get that latestproject launched? What the heck are you waiting for?

Know this... everyday that goes by without you launchingyour latest project is a day that you could be using totest and IMPROVE upon what that project produces.

Yes, that means make you more money.

Your project will never be perfect. You could have always madeit better. You could have always done this or done that.


"The biggest piece of crap ever created and launched onlinemakes more money than an almost-perfect project thatwas never launched."

Is my point getting through to you?

The biggest mistake we entrepreneurs make is trying tomake our little projects PERFECT before we are willingto launch them and see what they will do.

This can be the "kiss of death" for our businesses. Becauseuntil we launch projects we don't get any RESULTS.

What you need to realize is that RESULTS are the biggestASSET to your online business. Even the CRAPPY RESULTS.

Because the results are what tells us what is working andwhat isn't. And believe me, I've probably made MORE MONEYfrom the results I discovered about things that weren't working,so don't just think it's all about what works.

So learn to produce projects on an ACCELERATED launchschedule. Just get the sucker to the quickest version thatwill allow you to launch it and start getting ANY results atall. Then spend your time IMPROVING on the results.

Let's face it. Many of our projects FLOP. It just happens.People just won't buy enough of something to make it profitable.So we must move on and work on another project. Get it out thereand see if that one starts making money. Repeating theprocess again and again.

But think about what I just said and realize something. If youKNOW the reality that many of your projects will fail, why theheck are you taking so long to find out?

It's probably the same reason *I've* often delayed things... FEAR.

I'm AFRAID to see my "baby", my special project, fail. But sincewe've already come to realize that the reality of business isthat some projects WILL FAIL, we just need to GET OVER IT.

Put that CRAP together and launch it! Unpolished. Unperfected.Ugly. Yes, I say let the crap fly! (no, not that crap.)

So get your projects launched absolutely, without a doubt, asquickly as possible. Get SOME results. Any results. THENwork on improving whatever those results are to increaseyour profits.

If you are planning on doing JVs with people for your newproduct, or rolling out an affiliate program for it, the "JOHN REESE CRAP METHOD"(as I will call it) still definitely works.

Here's how you use it...

You put together your web site and product as quickly aspossible. Go jump on Google and buy some AdWords trafficto point at the site. Start tracking the results -- no matterwhat they are. Make changes and TEST them. Continuouslywork to improve the results of the site.

When you're able to get the site to a satisfactory conversionlevel, then and only then proceed with putting together JVdeals and really rolling out the product.

You know, the biggest kiss of death for an online marketercan be to launch a product with JV partners WITHOUT havingfirst tested and improved a site's conversion. Do you thinkyour JV partners are going to promote your next projectif the initial one completely FLOPS and doesn't make themany money? Absolutely not.


1. Create and launch crap.2. Test that crap.3. Improve that crap.4. Make money with crap that eventually becomes non-crap.

Seriously. Don't laugh. This process works. Again and again.It has made me rich.

Learn it. Live it. Love it. Let crap make YOU rich.

-----------------------------------------John Reese is an Internet Marketing pioneer that hasbeen actively marketing online since 1990. John hassold millions of dollars worth of products and servicesonline and his network of Web Sites have received over1.4 BILLION Web Site visitors since their inception. Youcan learn more about John, his home study courses,and subscribe to his free ezine by visiting:

(c)2003 All rights reserved.

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